Data Exchange, History & Logging

With the Dsco platform you and your trading partners can match any integration method and format with your organizations capabilities and have easy access to all data history.

Process 20000 plus files a day
Crunch 350,000 item catalog file in under 20 minutes
Control 2 million SKUs in our skystem

Data Exchange

Integrations and automation cost you valuable time and money, especially if you have to pay KC fees for trading EDI files.  The Dsco platform helps by providing both you and your trading partners a variety of options for exchanging and transforming data, with no additional fees. In addition we offer a robust History & Logging tool, so you can always review every data change that is made.  And, since our integration and core workflows are extremely flexible, we can be positioned anywhere in a customer's internal system arrangement.  

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In certain cases, we offer managed integrations to help with supplier on boarding.  The benefit is that suppliers can leverage this by not having to change existing files/feeds but simply point their inventory, shipment and invoice files to an new ftp/sftp or AS2 location that we provide.

Dropship Commerce Vendor Templates

integration & Logging TOOLS

You or your suppliers can take advantage of our Developer Tools to create custom integrations to our system from your ERP, OMS, or other back office system.


With our data-mapping wizard you or your suppliers can easily upload any flat delimited or XLS file (product, inventory, PO, order status, tracking, invoice) and create a mapping process for that file.  Our mapping tool can also invoke advanced logic into the data transformation process.  So, anytime you push or pull that file to us, it will use that map and transform the data according to your requirements.

history and logging

The Dsco platform provides an interface for all accounts to search and view the history of any integration/ job process as well as see the history of all data changes to every file such as Inventory, POs, Shipment & Cancel and Invoice files.  This robust feature allows you to find any file discrepancies between you and your Trading Partner or easily trouble shoot any issues with data integrity.

DropShip Commerce Developer Tools


The Dsco Platform fully supports flat file integrations via FTP. Besides providing recommended formats in CSV, TSV, XML, EDI-X12, XLS,  and JSON the DropShip platform can provide data transformation workflows to convert almost any input data format into the platform, and to generate almost any output data format required.

Our FTP Scheduling wizard allows you to schedule how frequently you want FTP transfers to occur and what data transformation to use for those transfers.  All FTP transfers are handled by our secure FTP server, or can be pulled and pushed to your FTP server.

See our Developer Site for more information.

Dropship Commerce FTP Wizard


X12 Compliant

We fully support EDI transactions, such as 810, 846, 850, 855, 856, & 870.  In addition, if your trading partner is on the HighJump True Commerce EDI network, you are automatically compatible with that vendor, whether you use our EDI solution or not.  Custom Integrations are charged as an additional fee to our annual licence.

Dropship Commerce Customer Integrations

Dsco RESt Api

Dsco JSON RESTful web services allow customers and developers to access and utilize the power of the DropShip platform.  With APIs providing access to product, order, and other account data, developers can easily extend and integrate with any applications, including existing in-house and third-party applications.  Accessible from any language, these APIs allow the creation of website integration, back office systems integration, or even mobile applications.  The full range of the DropShip Commerce platform is accessible; using account controlled API Keys for security.  Our developer Site will be providing numerous examples in various languages demonstrating how to use the APIs.

Dropship Commerce SaaS Platform Integrations